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Czech United Nations Volunteers Contact Point

We are Czech United Nations Volunteers Contact Point authorised by the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs to cooperate with UNV, Bonn and to act as Contact Point for CR.

UNV Contact Point main activities:

  • dissemination of the idea and principles of volunteering in the Czech Republic;
  • informing the public on possibilities that Czech experts may have when working in UN programmes;
  • recruitment and selection of volunteers on the territory of CR in accordance with requirements and criteria of UNV;
  • systematic maintenance of a database of Czech nationals for the needs of both UNV and MFA CR;
  • inclusion of suitable candidates into the UNV database;
  • training and placing of Czech nationals to UN projects and missions abroad;
  • provision of a professional service to nationals of the Czech Republic in their tendering and contracting efforts at UNV and in gaining insight into the contract terms and country of allocation;
  • assistance to interested persons in preparation of their CVs and presentations at UNV;
  • training of new interested persons in development co-operation, UNV system, and personal presentation;
  • training and lectures given at institutions of higher education, arrangement of the International Volunteers Day celebrations, organisation of interviews with UNV Bonn in Prague;
  • collaboration with the non-governmental sector(s) both at home and abroad; and
  • advisory services for persons interested in volunteering.

Since 1995, Czech volunteers have been actively involved in UN development programmes and peace missions. More then 190 Czech volunteers in total have operated in developing countries and crises areas throughout the world so far. Around 20 volunteers are sent every year to Africa, Asia and the Balkans; 35 per cent of them are women.


Czech UNV Contact Point
Ms. Vladislava Šplíchalová and Ms. Vera Hozová
Thámova 181/20
186 00 Praha 8
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 - 224 827 047
Fax: +420 - 224 826 054